Distinguished Retirees

The officers listed on this page have contributed a major portion of their lives to make the City of Hoopeston a better, safer place to live.  


Despite long, unpredictable hours, unappealing working conditions, ever changing laws and relatively low pay, these people have answered the call to duty, day in and day out.


Each year experts list law enforcement as one of the most stressful occupations for the above reasons.


The Hoopeston Police Department salutes each of these retirees and every retired police officer nationwide.


Charles Pierce Retired 1977 (20 years service)
Orval Kaag Retired 1997 (35 years service)
Danny Danner Retired 1999 (20 years service)
Richard (Joe ) Gaffney Retired 2002 (30 years service)
Stephen Bane Retired 2004 (24 years service)
Roger Beaty Retired 2004 (21 years service)
Judith Pierce (Dispatcher) Retired 2006 (30 years service)
Doug Wagoner Retired 2007 (22 years service)
James Goodrum Retired 2009 (24 years service)
Brenda Gaither (Dispatcher) Retired 2009 (30 years service)
George Smith (Dispatcher) Retired 2011 (18 years service)
Russ Rudd (Supervisor of Communications) Retired 2015 (28 years service) Accepted Job with VC EMA