Officer of the Year


An Employee of the Year award is given in conjunction with the 

Hoopeston Jaycee Distinguished Service Awards Banquet each January.

The Employee's  peers select the Employee whom they feel has contributed the most to the city 

and to the department during the previous year.  This Employee represents the department and creed of Honor, Pride, Duty.

Although each member of the police department is worthy, the following members have received this honor:

Sergeant Joe Gaffney                 2002

Sergeant Jim DeWitt                  2003

Officer Jeremy Welch                 2004

Officer Adam Watson                 2005

Officer Quentin Morgan             2006

Officer Chad Smith                     2007

Officer Ron Cade                        2008

Sergeant James Goodrum          2009

Officer Tim Beckett                    2010

  C. T. Showers                             2012 

 Cody Steeples                             2013

   Supervisor Russ Rudd               2014 







Photographs courtesy of Just The Facts