In Memorial

The Hoopeston Police Department and all its members are deeply saddened by the passing of Ann Martin of Hoopeston.  Ann served as an Advocate for the Vermilion County Women's Shelter, a Deputy Coroner for Vermilion County and served with the Hoopeston Ambulance Service for many years.  She was a past winner of the Chief Orval Kaag Citizen of the Year Award.  Her professionalism, dedication, and compassion were an invaluable asset, not only to this department, but to the citizens of Hoopeston and Vermilion County.  She showed selfless dedication and courage by continuing to help the people of Hoopeston, despite her illness, until the final days of her life.  Only the ravages of the illness that depleted her strength, and finally took her life, forced her to stop what she loved doing most ... helping others.  She will be sorely missed by all.





Ann Martin

1944 - 2004