Question:   What are the ages and time for curfew in Hoopeston?

Per local ordinance, curfew times are 11:00pm Monday through Thursday and 12:00 midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. 

Curfew applies to all youth ages 16 and under.

Question:  Can I find out if there is a warrant for my arrest?

Yes. But you must come to the police department and give the on-duty officer your name and date of birth and he will check for you.    

This information will not be given out over the telephone.

Question:  How do I report a crime to the Hoopeston police?

Call either 9-1-1 or 283-5196 and give the dispatcher the information you have about a crime. You do not have to give your name if you choose not to.   

Our goal is to respond to crime, not learn your identity. However, we will ask your name and address so 

that if the officers or investigators have additional questions on what you may have observed about the crime

Your identity is treated with extreme confidence and will not be released to anyone except the investigating officers.

Question:  If I have a complaint about an officer, who do I contact?

If you have a complaint about any police officer or dispatcher at the Hoopeston Police Department, a form is available at the police department.  

Your complaint must be in writing and turned in to Chief Drollinger.  All complaints receive a thorough and complete investigation by Chief Drollinger himself.

Question:  I've received a letter in the mail from the Hoopeston Police Department concerning junk or vehicles on my property. Who do I contact with questions about this?

You need to contact the Hoopeston Zoning Administrator John Holt.  You can call the Hoopeston Police Department at 283-5196 and leave a message for him.  

Question:  Why can some people post bond and be released from the Hoopeston Police Department and others have to be taken to the Public Safety Building in Danville and be bonded out there?

People arrested for ordinance violations, minor traffic offenses and misdemeanor crimes can post bond and be released here in Hoopeston.

Those that are arrested on felony charges (more serious crimes) must be processed through the Vermilion County Sheriff's Department and see a judge who will set their bond. 

Question:  I was stopped and received a traffic ticket from a county deputy here in Hoopeston. Can they do that?

Yes. Hoopeston is part of Vermilion County and is regularly patrolled by Vermilion County deputies as well as Illinois State Police troopers. 

All have authority to issue tickets and make arrests inside Hoopeston.

Question:  Where can I get an application for a state Firearm Owner's Identification Card (FOID)?

We have applications here at the Hoopeston Police Department. You can pick them up here and we will answer any questions you might have in filling it out.

Question:  If I have a question about someone in custody at the Public Safety Building in Danville, who do I contact?

You can contact the Vermilion County Sheriff's Department Corrections Department at (217) 442-4080.

Question:  How come when I dial 9-1-1 from my cellphone here in Hoopeston the call is answered in Danville at the Vermilion County Sheriff's Department?

All cellular 9-1-1 calls are routed through the 9-1-1 Communications Center at the Public Safety Building in Danville. 

If your call concerns something in Hoopeston, the Danville operators will immediately contact the Hoopeston dispatch center 

and advise them of the information so that police, fire or ambulance personnel can be dispatched.