October 3rd, 2018  There will be a nation wide Presidential
Emergency Alerting test (Known as IPAWS and WEA)  that will be preformed that day.  There will be a message advising of a test coming across cell phones.   This will be a test only !

    July 3rd, 2018   Residents are reminded that
"IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, Say Something to the Police!"
Crime can't be stopped without your help too.   Thank you.


Fingerprinting Service

Fingerprinting services are available at the Hoopeston Police Department.
A $10 service fee applies.

City Water PSN Program is also on here go to links

Public Nuisance Tows
Here is a link to the Public Nuisance Tow ordinance.
Click Here

Access & Functional Needs Registration

Register with Vermilion County EMA   click on the icon

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This site IS NOT MONITORED by ‘Hoopeston Police’ for the reporting of emergencies or non-emergencies.”