Chief Kaag

Citizen Of The Year Award

The Chief Kaag Citizen of the Year Award is named after Chief Orval Kaag, who dedicated 35 years of service to the citizens of Hoopeston.  Chief Kaag influenced many people to pursue careers in law enforcement.  His philosophies are carried by many law enforcement officials across the country; from the patrolman in this city to detectives in the county, chiefs of police in metropolitan areas and federal agents across the United States and abroad.

Chief Kaag was known for his straight forward demeanor and "no nonsense" attitude who was able to blend humor with compassion and common sense, which made Hoopeston a better place to live.

The winner of this annual award is a person who exemplifies these traits, who lives an exemplary life style, is supportive of law enforcement, and is looked up to by their peers.

The award is given each year at the May Neighborhood Watch meeting in conjunction with National Police Week.

Nominees may be named by any person via email, phone or in person at the police department.

Past Award Winners:

Mabel Mathieson (2001)

Maurice & Marti Leigh (2002)

John Hanson (2003)

Ann Martin (2003*)

Glenn Seymour (2004)

Bill Boose (2005)

Jeanette Carter (2006)

Ty Lee (2007)


*Special Presentation



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Photographs courtesy of Just The Facts